2 comments on “Planning for Photoshop™

  1. Ron, thank you for sharing. Now I just need to learn Photoshop. Most of what I do I use Lightroom for. I have Photoshop, I just haven’t taken time to learn it yet.

    By the way, my Olympus OM-D EM-10 has been the only camera I have been using since I got it. I am glad I listened to you, I really like the size, weight and image quality. I also like being able to control it with my iPhone and / or iPad and see what the camera sees. You were right, the EVF is very useful. Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • Bruce, thanks for the comments. Photoshop can be overwhelming. I think of it like the human brain, you only need to use about 10% of it. (The trick is figuring out which 10% to use!)

      Glad you are happy with your EM-10 – lots of features in a small camera!


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